A topic that didn't make it: the rights of Indigenous People

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    I should start out by saying that:

    1) I think this project is awesome, incredibly valuable, and we need more like it.

    2) I am trying to get other people to read it and discuss it.

    I also take seriously the request that we bring up topics that were not being included in the book, so here it goes:

    The book doesn’t include (as far as I can tell) any discussion about how the RPS movement addressed the issue of colonialism WITHIN the United States, or how the movement interacts with the aspirations of Indigenous people, which can be quite different from the industrial, post-capitalist utopia towards which people in RPS are working. This seems like a gap in the narrative.

    Another issue that I actually disagree with, related to the same topic, is the way in which RPS interviewees describe people participating in cultural communities. I work with a tribe in the Pacific Northwest which I suspect would (rightly) view with suspicion a political movement that advocated free association of individuals to cultural groups. I should add the exact quote from the book that addresses this.

    Perhaps other could enrich or expand on this topic, but I would like to bring it up for discussion.


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