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    Another forgotten factor with the registration of Romans is that it changes the radical variance. No one doubts that Romans have a certain overrepresentation in crime compared to the nationality. But if you have eagles on specific Roma, and register a mass of Romans, it will also be much easier to seize Romans who are criminals (because they are so fit). In this way, the registration will legitimize itself. Suppose there is a popular idea that Gothenburgers are generally thieves. We are embarking upon a rock hard surveillance system and registers all the g√∂teborgers actions and sounds. Of course, we will discover (due to surveillance) more crime among the Gothenburgs than the rest of the population. Which in turn proves the correctness of having introduced such a register.When I lived in the United States a few years ago, it was the same debate, though it was about the police vs young black men. Traffic police stopped cars to check for theft and illegal weapons. Of course, they usually stopped a car with 4 black men in the 18-20s, as the police pretended it is more likely that the car has theft and weapons than if it is lonely white tant in the 70s. The result of this profiling was, of course, that police raids came to confess that the police already “knew” that black young men are criminal. Just like for young black men in the United States, it is easier in Sweden to get stuck as a room because they are initially considered (may well, it does not matter) be overrepresented in crime statistics.

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