A Website for a book is usually a very simple affair with some promo, a way to purchase, etc. This site has those basics, but a lot more, so we thought we would help out anyone who might find it confusing. Below we list each menu item, from the top and from the left side, with an explanation of its purpose and, where relevant, how to use it.


Top Horizontal Menu Items

About: The site’s top page, with information about RPS/2044 and the site. Click this to return from anywhere else to the top page.

Commentary: This leads to a page with links to reviews and reactions to RPS/2044. If you hear of one we have not linked to, let us know.

Testimonials 2017: Links to a page of one paragraph testimonials from various readers including Noam Chomsky, Kathy Kelly, John Pilger, and many others. All appear on the one page, one after another.

Testimonials 2042: Links to a page of one paragraph testimonials from all eighteen RPS/2044 interviewees. All appear on the one page, one after another. Thewse are individuals who inhabit the alternative U.S. whose oral history RPS/2044 relates. They wrote up their comments in the year 2044 and channeled them to our time through the co-author Michael Albert.

Interviewee Q/A: This links to a page where each interviewee has a brief bio, a link (which you can use to send the interviewee a question, and a link to a page that displays submitted questions and the interviewee’s answers, again, channeled to our time.

Forums: This links to a full forum system. To post, however, you need to be logged into the site. You do that on the left side, where is says log in. You enter your email, choose a password, and verify you are you – not a bot – and you are all set. The bot verification is essential as otherwise we would have thousands, literally, of advertising accounts. The system is moderated, ads and the like will be removed.

Blogs: This links to a full blog system. You can post, and comment on other posts, if logged in – which you do to the left side, as noted above, under forums. You can blog about contents or related issues and matters, suggesting changes or improvements, debating ideas, etc. The system is moderated and ads and the like will be eliminated.

Purchase: Links to the RPS/2044 page on Amazon where you can buy the ebook for $5 or the paperback for $12. When we hear of other purchase options we will add them.


Left Side Vertical Menu Items

Register/Log In: You need to register and be logged in to use the Forums, to blog, and to leave comments. You can read anything and also post questions to interviewees via the Interviewee Q/A option, without being registered or logging in.

The other entries, link to what they indicate giving you a way to learn about about RPS/2044 before purchasing, should you wish to.