How to Participate

How to Participate


RPS/2044 is a work in process looking forward from 2017, though it is a completed work, looking back from 2044. We will ignore the latter observation and stick with the former for purposes of participation.

We hope you will react to content and propose deletions, additions, refinements, even rewording – whatever you might think desirable. And, we will certainly consider all such suggestions and hopefully act on a great many for revisions. The full unedited interviews, linked from the interviewees page, are the source material for the oral history. Elements of each , plus some later additions, are combined into more focused chapters in the book.


Interacting with the Book’s Cast

One hopefully amusing and engaging way to participate is to ask questions of the interviewees who appear in the book. Whoever you ask will in most cases answer in a public Q/A format.

You can ask anything that you like, but the main hope, of course, is that you will ask interviewees about things they say in their interviews or their additional experiences, perhaps taking issue with them, or seeking clarification, or seeking something new from them.

If an interviewee doesn’t wish to answer, he or she won’t. But whenever an interviewee does answer, the question and answer will appear on site and if you want your question, if it is answered, to appear with your name, you will need to say so and include it.

To submit questions, just click the link to go to the Interviewees page or via the horizontal menu at the top of the site. Once you are viewing the Interviewees page, you will see brief bios of each interviewee. Along with the brief bio of interviewees, you will also see a link to send in questions. Please indicate in your email body, along with your question, who the question is for, and if you want your name to appear. We hope when you read the full source material interviews, you will find reason to raise questions.


Commenting On Content, Style, and Anything Else

This also site has a forum system in which you can enter comments, alternative wording, or whatever you like. We will moderate for civility, but otherwise your content is up to you. So, if you read something and you have some idea for improving it, or concern about it, or whatever, click the link in the horizontal menu at the top for the Forum system. Please note, when needed, in your comment what particular aspect or part of the project it addresses.

Posting Your Own Essays

This site also has a blog system. You can use it to post longer formulations, rewrites of sections, or really, whatever you like. Maybe someone wants to write/convey an Alt Earth account of future struggle in another country, for example. Again, we will moderate for civility, but otherwise your content is up to you.