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RevolutionZ: Life After Capitalism is a Podcast hosted by Michael Albert. It addresses vision and strategy for a better future. It is all about what we want and how we get it.

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RevolutionZ Archive

RevolutionZ has a few different “sequences” of episodes, In each sequence each episode tries to be self contained, but the best listening experience is, when possible, to take them in order – as they do often build on prior content. In the sections below, most recent is at the top, oldest at the bottom. The Next American Revolution Sequence is full of vision and strategy, however.


About RevolutionZ and Occasional Updates

Information about RevolutionZ.
Bonus Session: A Listener Review of RevolutionZ  View
How Goes It: An Update on RevolutionZ and NAR  View
Update 2: RevolutionZ So Far  View
Update – RevolutionZ, So Far and Soon  View
A Brief Introduction to RevolutionZ  View


Sequence 1: Vision

The vision stream of RevolutionZ seeks to provide broad strokes answers – regarding values but also institutions – to the question what do we want for varied aspects of social life. Of course there is also strategy in many of these entries,
but the overwhelming focus is on vision – what we want.

Ep 54 – Vision 27: Painting, Film, Music…  View
EP 51 – Vision 27: Ecology with Brian Tokar  View
Ep 50 – Vision 26: Internationalism with Peter Bohmer  View
Ep 49 – Vision 25: Ecology or Extinction  View
EP 46 – Vision 24: International Relations  View

Ep 43 – Vision 23: Community /Culture 3 with Bill Fletcher   View
Ep 40 – Vision 22: Community / Culture 2 with Justin Podur  View
Ep 37 – Vision 21: Community and Culture 1  View
Ep 34 – Vision 20: Parpolity 3 with Stephen Shalom  View
Ep 31 – Vision 19: Participatory Kinship 2 with Cynthia Peters  View
Ep 27 – Vision 18: Participatory Kinship  View
Ep 25 – Vision 17: Participatory Polity 2  Stephen Shalom  View
Ep 24 – Vision 16: Participatory Polity 1   View
Ep 22 – Vision 15: Dear DSA  View
Ep 19 – Vision 14: Evaluating Participatory Socialism  View
Ep 18 – Vision 13: Disputing 3 Chomsky  View
Ep 17 – Vision 12: Disputing 2 Ehrenreich  View
Ep 15 – Vision 11: Disputing Participatory Socialism  View
Ep 14 – Vision 10: Participatory Planning  View
Ep 12 – Vision 9 : Central Planning, Markets, Or What?  View
Ep 11 – Vision 8: Class Rule or Classlessness  View
Ep 9 – Vision 7: Disputing Balanced Jobs  View
Ep 8 – Vision 6: Who Does What  View
Ep 7 – Vision 5: Who Decides What   View
Ep 5 – Vision 4: The Property Problem  View
Ep 4 – Vision 3: Defending Equity  View
Ep 3 – Vision 2: Meritocracy and Income  View
Ep 2 – Vision 1: Ethics Matter  View
Ep 1 – Why Vision / Strategy  View


Sequence 2: Strategy

The Strategy Sequence seeks to address diverse aspects of how to attain a better future – from organizing, to demonstrating, to the ins and outs of organizazations, tactics, and much more.

Ep 53 – Strategy – Organizing with Vincent Emanuele  View
Ep 52 – Strategy 12: Dear Howie Hawkins  View
EP 51 – Strategy 11: Ecology with Brian Tokar  View
Ep 48 – Strategy: 10: Societal Transition with Greg Wilpert  View
Ep 43 – Strategy 9: Participatory Community 3 with Bill Fletcher  View
Ep 28 – Strategy 8: Power Priorities and Government  View
Ep 26 – Strategy 7: Conspiracy Theory or Not  View
Ep 22 – Strategy 6: Dear DSA  View
Ep 20 – Strategy 5: Some Basic Strategic Implications  View
Ep 13 – Strategy 4: Reformism, Seeds of the Future  View
Ep 11 – Strategy 3: Class Rule or Classlessness  View
Ep 10 – Strategy 2: The Size of Movements  View
Ep 6 – Strategy 1: Why Strategy?  View


Sequence 3: Next American Revolution

The Next American Revolution, or NAR, Sequence presents a screenplay for a hoped for movie. It conveys the dialog but also tries to present the visuals. The content is about an actual future process of change, meant to inspire and also provide useful insights. It is vision and strategy throughout.

Ep 47 – NAR 12: This is the End  View

Ep 45 – NAR 11: Education & Elections   View
Ep 44 – NAR 10: Community & Economic Vision   View
Ep 42 – NAR 9: Political and Gender vision and more  View
EP 41 – NAR 8: Race, Organizing, and Blocs  View
Ep 39 – NAR7: Some RPS Basics, Economics, and Prison  View
Ep 38 – NAR 6: Hollywood Activism…  View
Ep 36 – NAR 5: Class, Economics, Health, and RPS  View
Ep 35 – NAR 4: Housing, Health Care, and RPS  View
Ep 33 – NAR 3: Immigration, police, housing, and more…  View
Ep 32 – NAR 2- Some Early Struggle and Organizing  View
Ep 30 – NAR 1: A Glance Ahead and Some Early Days  View
Ep 29 – NAR 0: Introduction  View


Sequence 4: The 2020 Election

The Election Sequence deals with electoral issues, primarily strategic.
Ep 52 – Election 3: Dear Howie Hawkins  View
Ep 23 – Election 2: To Participate or Not To Participate  View
 Ep 16 – Election 1: Overview Entering Election Season  View