Problem with Video Files on Micro SD Card

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    I can load most types of video files from my laptop onto the internal storage of the 101 xs and the Archos video player finds them and plays virtually all of them without a hitch. I can also connect a memory stick/flash drive via the mini usb socket, using an adaptor, and even videos stored on that play OK. However, as soon as I copy videos onto my 32gb class 10 micro USB card, things start to go wrong. The videos show up in the video player app and the file app, but they won’t play. ‘File damaged or incomplete’ is all you get. In a few cases, the files actually disappear altogether! I’ve tried copying files onto the card direct from my laptop and by copying files from the tablet’s internal storage onto the sd card. Nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any idea where I’m going wrong?

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