Dear Reader,

We consider RPS/2044 a work in progress. As insights grow and time passes, it could improve as an indicative oral history. With greater creativity, it could also be improved by spawning a screenplay or novel portraying the same interviews, or, more ambitiously, one presenting RPS history, conveying many of the same events and characters in a more dramatic format.

The real measure of any work is what it motivates. With that in mind, we offer a website for this book’s readers and contributors at You can comment on any part of the book. You can offer reactions, criticisms, or even propose different wording for us to consider including in updates of the online version and for any new ebook version or new print edition. You can even post your own efforts to write a “story” or a screenplay version of any part, or of the whole of RPS/2044, or perhaps in parallel to it, or for a different country, altered as you might like. We have even thought about a possible movie title, Good Will Winning.

Finally, you can also ask questions for us, or for any of the interviewees using email sent to, or using links at the RPS/2044 site. Answers will appear publicly on the site.

Michael Albert, 2017
Miguel Guevara, 2041