/ 2044
An Oral History of
Next American Revolution

Interviewer: Miguel Guevara

Interviewees: Lydia Luxemburg, Bertrand Dellinger, Juliet Berkman, Andrej Goldman, Senator Malcolm King, Governor Celia Curie, Harriet Lennon, Rev. Stephen Du Bois, Cynthia Parks, Mayor Bill Hampton, Barbara Bethune, Mark Feynman, Anton Rocker, Peter Cabral, Robin Kuntsler, Leslie Zinn, Noam Carmichael, & Dylan Cohen 

Foreword by Michael Albert
Afterword by Miguel Guevara & Michael Albert




Oh, the fishes will laugh
As they swim out of the path
And the seagulls they’ll be smiling
And the rocks on the sand
Will proudly stand
The hour that the ship comes in

And the words that are used
For to get the ship confused
Will not be understood as they’re spoken
For the chains of the sea
Will have busted in the night
And will be buried at the bottom of the ocean

                                            – Bob Dylan