Questions to and Answers from Robin Kuntsler

Jane Seidman asks: Robin, there is a brief mention of very effective new lie detector, does it really work, does it really matter?

Yes, I guess in RPS/2044 that is mentioned. Strange, in some ways, since of course there have been many technological advances and pretty much only that one was mentioned. The most consequential, after all, were in fields of energy generation and biology, but I think all of us felt we shouldn’t dwell on that stuff.

The lie detection breakthrough – okay, it is a very portable, handheld, almost invisible, little instrument that can tell, with nary an error, when there is a lie. It is quite amazing, really. And yes, it is very consequential.

Just think about it. It isn’t just that it plays a big role in court, where we of course constantly encounter it. In fact, that is probably the least of it. Think of no lies anywhere – not at work, not at play, not at home, not in politics. We are still dealing with the changes. You’ll have your turn to do so, eventually – you wouldn’t want me to spoil that fun with stories of our experience, would you? No matter, I am not going to.