Questions to and Answers from Stephen Du Bois

Jill Wolfson asks: Reverend, What happened to the crumbling climate of my time. You guys don’t refer to specific storms or rising tides. Why not?

I think the storms and tides were for everyone in my time, both commonplace and horrible, but they were not a strongĀ  focus of Miguel’s questions, nor was detailing any ills or suffering.

As to what happened, on the one hand, political activism all over the world, not to mention general fear of the repercussions if global warming went on unabated, greatly sped up transition to renewable, sustainable approaches. On the other hand, research developed many innovations that helped, for example, for cleaning the atmosphere and oceans, and for providing more than enough safe energy. On top of solar, wind, and other renewables, fusion, for example, helped greatly.

Now, the danger of planetary catastrophe is past, but the harm of earlier ecological obliviousness that you are of course all too familiar with persists in continuing draughts, floods, massive storms, and the like. Much of the harm has been reduced, however, by the reallocation of so much military might to providing aid and relief, by popular mobilizations, and by a just and timely approach to redressing damage – all of which is one of the focuses in *RPS/2044*.